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What Are The World Brandy Awards?

The World Brandy Awards are part of the prestigious World Drinks Awards programme, launched in 2007 with the World Whiskies Awards and World Beer Awards. Presented by TheDrinksReport.com, the world’s No. 1 online resource for drinks professionals. The World Brandy Awards select, reward and promote the best Brandy Taste and Design to consumers and trade across the globe.

Who Should Enter The World Brandy Awards?

Distillers, wine producers, agents, designers, design agents, packaging agencies, brand agencies, importers, wholesalers and retailers of any brandy from anywhere in the world. With entrance facilities in Europe, the US and Asia, the World Brandy Awards provides a truly international service to entrants.

What Are The Categories?

There are two groups of Categories; Taste and Design.


The TASTE categories are based upon the commonly held brandy groupings which define both the style and process of brandy production. Many of the Brandy categories are also assessed in their respective subcategories. A full list of categories is below, with their detailed definitions available here

  • Apple Brandy
    • Aged
    • Unaged
  • Fruit Brandy
  • Non-Fruit-Based Brandy
    • Aged
    • Unaged
  • Pomace or Marc
    • Aged
    • Unaged
  • Wine Brandy
    • Aged 2-3 years
    • Aged 4-5 years
    • Extra Old
    • Solera
    • Unaged


There are up to six Design categories in which an individual product can be judged, each reflecting the major product or display areas of the market. A full list of categories is below, with their detailed definitions available here

  • Category option 1
    • Standard
    • Premium
    • Ultra Premium
  • Category option 2
    • Limited Edition
  • Category option 3
    • Duty-free / Travel Retail
  • Category option 4
    • New Launch
    • Relaunch / Redesign
  • Category option 5
    • Technical Excellence / Craftsmanship
  • Category option 6
    • On-Trade / Back Of Bar Exclusive

What Awards Can Be Won?


The World Brandy Awards are judged in heats. In each sub-category an entry has the opportunity to win a Gold, Silver or Bronze. The Gold medal winner becomes the best in that sub-category, qualifying to become a category winner, and then ultimately the World’s Best Brandy.


A brand has the opportunity to win any of the design categories, from which is chosen the World’s Best Brandy Design. From these category winners we then identify the World’s Best Brandy Design Agency.

Enter your brandy

Click here to enter your brandy for 2014.

Entry Fees 2014

Per brandy (this includes entry into one category) - £155.
Each additional category for that brandy at £35
Prices exclude VAT

Per brandy (this includes entry into one category) - €185.
Each additional category for that brandy at €40

U.S Dollar
Per brandy (this includes entry into one category) - $240.
Each additional category for that brandy at $55

Rules of entry

  • Each entry must be commercially available on 1st June 2013.
  • The World Brandy Awards reserves the right to place an entry in the correct category.
  • Should insufficient entries be received in to a particular category, the World Brandy Awards reserves the right to place that entry in to the next most relevant category.
  • Entries must be made on the official entry form or online, and must be submitted by the Closing Date. Entries received after the Closing Date will not be considered. They should be accompanied by the relevant entry fee, and should include the following information:
    • Company name.
    • Brandy name.
    • Brandy name/expression.
    • Alcoholic content (ABV).
    • Taste Category and Sub-Category (where relevant)
    • Design Categories
  • Each entry must consist of 3 bottles (one bottle if entering DESIGN only).
  • Brandies may be entered into more than one category.

Terms & Conditions

  • All entry forms and products must be sent by prepaid post and be received by the closing date listed.
  • Entries are only accepted on a completed entry form with the appropriate entry fee.
  • If an entry is withdrawn by the due date or disqualified, the entry fee will be returned subject to an administration charge of 50% of the entry fee. Products will be retained by the Organiser.
  • Entrants are responsible for any customs or other costs incurred on shipping their entry to the delivery address. Should the Organiser incur any costs from excise duties or any other costs these shall be reimbursed in full by the entrant.
  • The judges’ decision on all matters is final.
  • The Organisers may, at their discretion, refuse to accept an entry.
  • Any entry form which arrives incomplete, late or illegible and any product which is late or damaged may be deemed invalid.
  • The Organisers may alter the closing date for the awards, place an entry in the most appropriate style, rule that an entry may not compete or is ineligible to compete, or alter the date, time or place on or at which the awards are scheduled to take place.
  • The Chairman of Judges has the power to disqualify any entry not deemed as meeting the entry criteria.
  • These rules are governed by the laws of the UK.

Key Dates

Entry deadline
29 October 2014

Round 1 Judging
October 2014

Rounds 2 & 3 Judging
December 2014

Winners Announced
19 March 2015